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Digital art prints by Diana Morningstar

Welcome to Shasta Mirage Digital Arts. This is the public face of my art studio. Find here fine digital graphic art prints and 3D models by Diana Morningstar.

Virtual Mountain

I have been a 3D graphic enthusiast ever since I purchased my copy of KPT Bryce 1.0 and installed the floppy on a Mac Quadra in the mid 90's. That Quadra got a 50MHz upgrade card before it was retired, and I have acquired many more advanced tools since then, and honed my 3D skills over the years ever since. My focus has been finished still images rendered large enough for quality printing. As 3D composition technology comes of age, the available quality has reached new threshholds, making possible large art prints from digital 3D art renderings on home computers.

In my work, I have focused not on attempted photorealism, but on acquiring a more painterly approach, sometimes indulging in the medium's possiblities for psychedelic surrealism, other times composing digitally painted landscapes. If you want total photorealism, buy a digital camera. When I use the word painterly, I don't mean crafting images with imitation brush strokes and other paint artifacts any more than I feel a great need to introduce photgraphic artifacts like focal length or lens flares back into my digital renditions. (Some digital artists do.) Digitally generated patterns express something different about our reality and perception than brushstrokes or light captured by camera. Where the world revealed by a painting may be the result of a dance with the artist's hands and senses, or a photograph capturing a stare of wonder, a 3D digital world is one where the intricate, chaotic, enfolded mathematical orders that underlie our perceptions glow through the scrim of the fabric of constructed reality. Images may be produced that sit at the crossroads of the organic and the ordered mathematical realms. The fractal patterning forces that shape snowflakes, hurricances, and sunflowers can fill every space of a digital image, informing every crack and texture, shaping cities and grasses alike. This is a world where every tremor in the delicate stacking of atoms and every miniscule quantum shift can trigger changes in the whole pattern.

The artistic possibilities of 3D computer modelling systems are still being explored in this exciting time of technological emergence. I would like to see growing acceptance of this digital medium as a source of real art suitable for galleries and shows. While it's true that anyone can put together technically slick looking images with the right expensive software, the basics of color and composition, and of artistic sensibility are still the same. The true artist does not need the latest high end software and hardware to create worthwhile art, and esthetic awareness and attention to detail can't be faked with any software.

My mesh modeling skills have grown as I create images for my stills, and many of these will be polished and made available for sale. My 3D models will be available in formats that anyone can use, from the low budget hobbyist to the high end studio. Available model designs include architectural models, cultural artifacts, jewelry, and other flights of fancy. See the 3D models page for my available model files and links to buy them. See the Free Stuff page for a selection of free objects, including some Bryce format files for you Brycers out there.

All art prints are from high resolution original images on quality paper. Card prints are also available for selected gallery images. Gallery images are printed from much higher resolution originals than appear in the gallery pages on this site.

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Cloud forming dragon

Digital Art prints by Diana Morningstar

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