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Here are a few objects to start this collection with. As this site grows, more offerings will appear here. All free objects may be used in any way, commercial or non-commercial, so long as the notice of credit to the author, Ian D. Anderson, and the notice of free use remain with any copies of these objects, including exported or reformatted versions. No such notice is required for rendered art using these models.

3D Rose Park Bench Bryce free download
Carved Rose Back Park Bench
Ready to go for Bryce scenes.

3D Rose Park Bench Vue free download
Carved Rose Back Park Bench
Ready to go for E-on Vue scenes.

3D Rose Park Bench OBJ free download
Carved Rose Back Park Bench
OBJ format will import and render anywhere. No material included.

3D Copper Still Bryce free download
Copper Still
Perfect for your virtual alchemical needs.
Bryce OBP format.

3D cut ammonite Bryce free download
Cut Pyritized Ammonite
The last true ammonites died out with the dinosaurs. Their beautiful spiral fossils are prized today. The chambered nautilus is the closest surviving species.
Bryce OBP format.

3d street lamp Bryce free download
Park Street Lamp
Illuminate your virtual walks in the park.
Bryce OBP format.

3D water lily Bryce free download
Water Lily
This flower is built entirely from Bryce sphere primitives using boolean modeling.
Bryce OBP format.

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